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Related article: Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2004 January 53rd 23 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 8 Brother 2 Brother Chapter 8 : Shane New Orleans is a beautiful city, a beautiful city and I could see even live here. V Mom has shown me so much love and hospitality that has made n it is very difficult to walk, but was at that time for me to return to the life of my s work and my future. V Mom taught me and informed me with all the picture and the story of Victor, which I have been concerned to see and hear n and it felt like, like I was finally to end a wonderful chapter \\ \\ n history and was ready to start a new one. But there was also another reason why he had n to get out of Dodge. It was Vincent. After what has happened between us, after they had sex, I did not see, or if he did more a distance as before. It was like he was upset with me and not , as if to say, or even if he meant. I must admit that was very good, with Vincent. I mean, he 's sexy ones is hell, and skills Brotha in the bedroom. What happened next sex, hot session. Now I had the alcohol removed and was Stone Cold Sober, maybe that was what was bothering him. Well, whatever, was catch was his business, and I let my last two days are ruined by him in New Orleans. Before leaving New Orleans, which had n provided for in the experience of New Orleans nightlife gay. I was surfing the internet and I found a website with a list of all was of gay and lesbian clubs and restaurants in New Orleans. It was at this site I found that is said about this club on Rampart Wolfendale. No not get me wrong, I love Mama V, I am very, very, but had been around, and his friends and family, and I just wanted... No, I had to go out and even to other gay brothas to be myself. Since I was always the Wolfendale information on the AOL IM window appeared on my screen. The name of the screen hit me was the artist. He hit me witSUP `h ', but before I said, I checked her AOL profile and read the n : name : Artist now... I 'm Black 25 155 pounds 5'9 Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Gender: Male marital status : single hobbies u0026 interests: chillin, meeting new people goin 'out with n fun brothas InShape 18 a. 45 y / o, with the talk and take it from there to save 4 Yo Momma theater favorite gadgets :. versatile, is 8. 5 to 9 cm from both nipples pierced tongue. and some other places Occupation : View screen name... DUH Personal Quote :. Beauty is in the eye of the beholderWhat beauty n search HomePage Hometown: HYPERLINK "http : / / hometown. aol. com/bodylicious2004 /" http://hometown. aol. com / TheArtist. / was a very interesting profile, which was a bit too young for me, but change I was not looking for a relationship or anything, the truth is that no not even look. I found her very attractive personal offer and the fact said that he, an artist that interests me. [the Artist: ? U are] I smiled and struck again. [ Shane Sweet: Yes, I'm here. His spy ' pfile ] I clicked on the website to view this Brotha AOL [the artists :. ? Whatcha Think ] He asked me just when I look at her picture. Artists real time was young. had a baby face and youthful appearance not just, I'm sure to be carded even at 25, but I knew of the image, if not the face, its color was baby soft and clean. No pimples, shave, all n. had the best pecan tan complexion. He was athletic hundred baby hanging n the top of the ears and the nape of her s. Since I was in the jacket picture, I could see the two crossed y nipples had a belly button ring that looked nice in her soft womb n. his chest was hairless and smooth as well and took a silver medal necklace large silver cross on the end. had beautiful cheekbones n and though he was not smiling in the photo, I realized I had a nice smile. the artist hereoked more as a model for me. [ Shane Sweet : Archive of Nice, and nice photo. U is a cutie. ] I have written again. he was a girl a. [n artists : Sundays and very sexy. ] [ Shane Sweet. Thanks ] I forgot my photo in my profile. [n artists: visit New Orleans. If the license or ] [ Shane Sweet :. The Day After Tomorrow ] [ the artist : How long have you been here ] [ Shane Sweet: Just a little over a week. A death in the family, and came to help and pay my respects. ] He said that although it is not necessary to explain. [n artists: I'm sorry. My deepest condolences. Reply ] It felt like a sincere , but the last thing I wanted to do was start talking about death and funerals. I had enough of this lately, believe me. [ Shane Sweet. Thanks ] [the artists : So what will become of his last two days to do so ] [ Shane Sweet. I'm seeing a part of New Orleans nightlife gay] [the artists : =) sounds like a good idea. The nightlife in New Orleans can will be liberating. ] [ Shane Sweet: Iear, and now I want to see ] [The Artist. : u fancy a bit of company ] was a brave cat, but most people are online in bold. People are looking for of electricity and some quick sex, or worse. I immediately thought of my s brother Sean and his ordeal with a bastard who was a rapist. Vi artists on the screen. To be honest, if you even tried what could beat a in the monkey ass down without any problems so when I met him, even with the n I did not want to do. [ Shane Sweet : Well, I've covered that. ] I have lied. [the artists : = (]. was fine with, but I was changing my mind does not want to be the line with the artist for a long time I finally last Wolfendale was pretty hot. kind of small compared to some clubs had been, but I remembered back home Da ` the Underage Preteen Sex city. " is true, of N. Rampart was one of the main roads in New Orleans. the bar was small... not even something intimate is a better word to use. was a long bar along ths on the wall, where many of the best in New Orlean... I mean PHINEST brothas in New Orleans were drinking beverages, shit, and about check out the other brothers. When I went to music and I could be the atmosphere of tension and energy, sexual and others feel example. From the moment we walked in I felt eyes on me after I became a new face , fresh fish, if you will, and drew me to show, far from my body. No, I was not bare bottom, but I was wearing this tight-fitting black mesh and a couple black jeans and a pair of black Timbs. Instead of my gold earrings had my silver earrings. I could feel the power brothers and I feel. I went to the bar, where the sexy, light, light complexion Brotha tend bar asked me what I wanted, and if it was, you have to 2 hours. It was very nice, smiled and asked me for a Southern Comfort and coke. " I went south I have some cum for you, yo! " I went to the voice that spoke and met with a view Brotha with adusty brown complexion with brown eyes. A limited light in the Club of in the bar I could see that he had brown hair that was, braids and beard was the same color. He smiled and threw a number of gold teeth. He was with drops of gold and bling bling. I found his hands, he had beautiful hands and each finger had a sort sparks of gold and diamond rings and a " Rollie " on your wrist. The similarity Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes a little more muscle and filtered sexual. I could not stop looking. was beautiful and the changes in a par face design sunglasses. "Sup son? " Called me 'boy' and he looked like a child. that out his hand to me. "My name is X. " I shook his hand. He had beautiful hands. They were strong, but smooth and soft and his nails were covered with clean and clear. I loved this sexy full lips and New Orleans accent. " X Hi, my name is Shane. " He was my hand and I s been in no hurry tor let go of his hand. " What does X mean? Xavier? " N smiled and licked her lips sexy. "Nah... Xctasy " Damn his tail When he said that. I cleared my throat. I still had my hand and my penis was hard difficult. I wanted to let him go his hand, but also wanted to and more. The waiter sat down at my baby, and I had to unfortunately go to drink. " Where is your husband? " X asked me. I sipped my drink. " No.. I am here alone. " He smiled X and moved a little hand. " Not anymore. Now with me. " He said, and for some reason I n in mind that at all. Of course, I was going home soon, so what the hell. We sat and talked and drank. He paid for my drinks and flirted like crazy. He said to me those things, but I have not heard much. I knew he was 27 years old, and he said it was n in the music industry or trying to whatever. I was talking about drinking Southern comfort, heard stayed thos lips, what I wanted for myself. The music changed from home of high energy music and hip hop to a sexy, erotic, nasty slow wonderful songs. In the small dance floor, he entered the dance brothas with others, and began to slow and easy, sensual and sexy to rock of music. " Let's dance. " X said when he pulled out of my seat and took me with him to the dance floor. pulled me toward her body, so close that I feel his hard cock n and I definitely could feel. We started to dance, the song s sexy slow, but after a time bumps and grinding and like R. Kelly said, I see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. Its tail hugged me feel so damn good. Your body hard against me what good. Wanted to get up, get out and take these young criminals Brotha somewhere and catch your fucking brains out. I wanted to have hot sex without commitment , wild and crazy with this sexy motherfucka. I slid my hand from his crotch and gave him hisSqueeze a great package. " Yes, bold, and do not want. " He said. sexy I smiled and reached my left hand Underage Preteen Sex and grabs her ass tight, thick, " I want everything. " I said. laughed. "Hop cool, let's go. " " You have a place ? Underage Preteen Sex " I asked. I was not back at what Mom V. I was not going to happen. " Yes, I have a place to sweat, no. Let's roll. " We went from Wolfendale and I must say that I was even hotter than I always remember. All I wanted was to Underage Preteen Sex catch this guy thug well, then there. I followed him to his car, a 1967 Chevy Impala equipped with gold rims, tinted windows. He opened the door and have Underage Preteen Sex to wait not in , and it was not. We kissed and pulling at each other as n the world to end that night. I have my pants and my penis is and be ready for action and it was. It was really a beautiful piece of packaging and opening my mouth to get to trial. I covered his cock with my hungry mouth. " Yes.. Yes.. Oooh suck cock.. If... OH YEAH! "X moaned as put all that cock in my mouth and were my the throat. Here we are in the front seat of the Impala n directly on Wolfendale always Freak Nasty. Thank God for tinted windows. " Oh crap... Ah crap... yeah... or sucking cock... u suckin that thick, baby! "X opened his mouth and writhing. He was pushing and moan. It was always a cock sucking ever had, and soon would be a curse that never had. As I worked my lips tail was working on my right side with big ass and started my middle finger finger into her hot and hairy ass. moved a bit, but I sucked that Dick and tickled the hole that is relaxed and my toes in. was and let out a quiet simple, sexy, followed by a soft moan moan while working with a finger in and out. " Yes.. If... If... You know.. do that shit ! " Moaned he was working X. that ass, squeezing the muscles around my finger and I knew he could the Underage Preteen Sex same to a good Thurs Dick. " I... I... I have to get some...... , dass.. the ass ! " He said as he pulled my fingers her hot hole. All I had to do, sit on my cock was, and I will take you on a journey you will never forget in his Impala. He crawled in my back in front of me and I slid my throbbing cock, now covered by the condom, n in the ass. "AH SHIT " shouted: "Your penis is big " X groaned, but I knew the form of n the ass to work on my big cock. Her ass was good and solid, n I was surprised because I thought it was a donkey that had been working. N "work that ass," he said, "The work that ass. " I could feel the muscles in her ass on my dick, it was like any other deeply in it, stroking my cock and cat. It was a wild sensation. I also could feel his hard cock, dripping pre-cum on my chest. I always willing to stop. I could not take it anymore. I had to let go. " OH OH... I'm going to run! " I gasped as my cock hit the ass of his s. " Are you a... yes... do that shit... give it to me... give it to me... "X groaned and grunted as he jacked his cock while I took the ass. I could not take it anymore. " DAAAAAAAMN ahhhhhhhh !" I blew into the condom that case the bottom of her ass, and as soon as it was the tail exploded hot cum all over my chest ruining a perfectly good shirt, but n ot is the time to care a. Tired, happy and full of sweat and semen separated. " I," X said : "That shit was Amazin "' I nodded. "Yes, that was it. " No other words were spoken, I have tried to clean my shirt, so I clear, however, there was no hope. I got out and went to X, the car s that I had. He was opening the door when I arrived in the form from the darkness to scare the crap out of me. " Who's there? " I demanded. "I am" before entering the eyes, I realized the voice Vincent. " Vincent ?" I sighed. I was relieved that he was. But that was about to change. "What are you doing here ? " I asked. was quiet for a long time. "Whiteatcha doing here? That's what you're asking me? " He approached me and I realized that he had been drink. Hell, I was drunk. " Did you ever going to fuck niggas. " " What? "I replied, when I realized that I have had to get Car X. " Do not play me, I saw you in the car and fifteen Niggas minutes to come later... He has to fuck this sad ass car ? " I opened the car door. 's Not going to bring this conversation Vincent. " I'm going home, I have to get some rest. " Vicente in three easy steps ahead of me and I smell of alcohol on the breath. It seemed that he was drunk hours. N " Yes, I think, after a black need some rest before the devil rolls next. "Vicente was broken and his words stung and cut myself. " Vincent, you're drunk, and I will not talk to you it. "I replied. " You have all you other niggas in New Orleans to fuck ? " I had to make not long before this bullshit it. "Vincent, you are drunk, and that is why we do not pay attention now. " I started getting into the car, but he grabbed me hard and standing me. "Vincent, let me ! " " No, you will hear me. " Vincent growled. that tried to pull away, but he was very strong. " You're hurting me, Vicente. " N dropped the arm and then suddenly kissed me. I tried to fight him, but he hugged me and kept kissing me and called me soon and kisses n back. When the kiss ended I was breathless and stunned by what happened. " Vincent... what the hell... " n " You do not know ?" Vincent was hurt, " I love you, nigga. I have loved you that are already my brother. " was by what he said, stunned. He had told me that she loved him with me and already Victor and I were together ? I stepped back away it. I needed the space. " Vincent... " " Damn you consider what happened to us one night, huh ? " Continue Vincent. " I'm not like that never expiresbecause he wanted to to be there with you. " " Vincent, I... " " Over the years I've been missing you, but you were n with Victor and I could not do that to my brother, but he's gone and now... " approached me. " I love you. ".. Could I could not believe my ears, I looked dumb as hell " Vincent " began: " I do not know what to say. 'N "You have to say about hell. I see whatcha gonna. Fuck all black ` round. "He broke. N "NO! Now wait !" I had had enough of this shit. "You try to shit call me or one, and not buy more. " " Well, what about the young nigga were you? " young nigga ? Damn, I must have seen the start X in the car too. Then it hit me. s "Wait a minute. " I took my hand and said, "What the hell is n where here? You follow me, or what? " Vicente looked at his shoes, trying expression to hide the guilt his face. I went on, but what hasI was white, n Wolfendale in , nobody knew it was here. " Answer me, Vincent. " Demanded. looked at me. "When I called his mom told me you had, was out. " Said Vincent. N "Okay, as I have here in the Wolfendale ? " I asked, demanded to know. From the expression on his face I knew the answer and said to him. "I've been here before. " Vincent saw his expression was hard and angry. " Fuck you. Just fuck !" He Underage Preteen Sex turned and walked away. " Oh, that's it! " I shouted to the back. "If the shit that came thick only on foot. Like having sex is called bastard. Do not talk to me. She does not love me... They were just Does your man horny n shit brother, because you could get a na your own because life is twisted motherfuckers is the DL to a man if you can not handle as a people. " Vincent stopped, turned around and before you move at all until he was in the face of my s, and gaze on highs eyes, wanted to hit me so bad, but not recant, and I was not afraid. If you have a hand on my mother V bury another son was going to be tomorrow. He turned and ran. I saw him after , and then got in and drove back to Mom V is n to think of two things. What Vincent had said, and with that kiss. his words, and his kiss was made for me. Vincent loved me? No, that could not be n and yet, when Vincent gave me a kiss... he was... it felt good. This story will continue. [ The author would like to hear from you : Send your e- mail to AOL wyzman34. com]
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